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What follows are selected results from recent successful commercial property tax appeals achieved by Daniel A. Weiss, property tax lawyer at Tannebaum Weiss, LLP.

Miami-Dade County Rockmining parcel in the Doral reduced from $5,463,900 to $1,853,900–a 66% reduction!–resulting in a tax refund check of over $80,000!

Miami-Dade County Assemblage of seven commercial properties along Biscayne Bay reduced an aggregate of $948,422, a 44.8% reduction, garnering a tax refund of nearly $25,000.

Miami-Dade County Office building in central business district of Miami across the street from the County Courthouse purchased for $2,021,000 in August of 2002 reduced from $1,368,493 to $1,031,750, representing tax savings of nearly $9,000.

Miami-Dade County Coral Gables art gallery reduced from $872,660 to $701,745, based on analysis of comprehensive plan future land use map and comparable sales.

Miami-Dade County Based on zoning and environmental issues and comparable sales, vacant parcel reduced from $7,294,075 to $2,225,000, a whopping 69% reduction!

Palm Beach County Improved industrial property near turnpike reduced from $750,000 to $600,000, based on comparable sales and proof of condition of property.

Miami-Dade County Two companion parcels of undeveloped land in unincorporated Miami-Dade County reduced from a total of $3,107,440 to $1,776,000, a 57% reduction!

Miami-Dade County Homeowners association commonly owned tract of 4/10 of an acre in North Coconut Grove reduced from a $510,960 assessment to $0–zero dollars!–representing a 100% reduction and a tax savings of about $14,000 to the homeowners association.

Broward County Luxury condo unit reduced from $2,776,230 to $1,700,000, a 39% reduction, based on proof of construction defects and comparable sales.

Miami-Dade County Multifamily commercial property on South Beach near Washington Avenue was reduced from $1,000,000 to $430,000. This 57% reduction was based on reductions in both land and building values established by comparable sales and evidence of the condition of the property. Tax savings netted by the taxpayer approximate $15,000.

Palm Beach County Oceanfront penthouse condo unit reduced $250,000 for tax savings of more than $4,900.

Miami-Dade County Residential property back-assessed for an improvement that escaped taxation was assessed in thew current year for $806,182. Total reductions acheieved in a single year but involving four years of assessed valuation (current year plus three back-assessed years) totaled $454,930. Actual tax savings equaled $9,950.

Miami-Dade County Tangible personal property assessment reduced from $253,979 to zero by agreement with the Property Appraiser upon showing of adequate proofs that the property was mistakenly assessed to the wrong taxpayer.

To be sure you’re doing the most you can to keep your property taxes as low as the law allows them to be, contact a Florida property tax professsional, whether it’s a lawyer, real estate broker, accountant or other experienced professional.

Daniel A. Weiss has over 24 years property tax experience. Mr. Weiss represented the Miami-Dade County taxing authorities in litigation and appeals between 1981 and 1995 as a Miami-Dade Assistant County Attorney and has since represented taxpayers in property tax matters.

In Florida Trend magazineā„¢’s Legal Elite’s issue, July 2004, Mr. Weiss was selected by his peers as one of the top 30 government lawyers in the State of Florida.

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