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What is a “Lifelong Legal Partner?”

Individuals and corporations hire lawyers for various reasons. There may be a pending lawsuit, a criminal investigation or arrest, a contract requiring review, a real estate purchase, an employment issue, or just an issue requiring the advice of a lawyer practicing in a specific area.

From individuals to corporations, Tannebaum Weiss provides a global approach to legal representation. In other words, we want our clients to see us as their partners in navigating the legal process and in resolving issues in their personal and business life.

It is not that we seek to find ways to maintain unnecessary extended attorney/client relationships, it is that we want our clients to consider us “partners” in their legal issues, whenever, and wherever they arise.

It is our mission to provide our clients with an environment where they can address all of their legal needs. For the times when there are issues requiring outside advice and representation, Tannebaum Weiss maintains strategic relationships with lawyers who are able to serve our clients in the manner we demand.